Samantha Perelman is a 23-year-old trainee at Columbia University, dealing with a masters of service administration and as a summer production assistant on the set of the HBO program “Women.” Remarkable credentials, to be sure, however more outstanding is the legal fight in which she discovers herself: she is fighting with her uncle for a share in an approximated $700 million inheritance.

Beyond the existing legal battle, there are other disputes between these 2 households. Ronald Perelman is disallowed from entering the Cohen family’s house in Palm Beach, Florida, after an occurrence in which Mr. Perelman apparently crashed a bar mitzvah. On the other hand, the Perelman’s point to what they call James Cohen’s obvious usage, referring to his 25,000-square-foot house in Alpine, NJ, that consists of 15 bathrooms and 13 fireplaces, and has actually been featured in Architectural Digest.