4 Revocable Living Trust Key Players

The revocable living trust is a typically used estate planning tool; it is frequently the center of an estate plan and has many advantages. For example, trust planning gets you organized, prevents guardianship court procedures if you become incapacitated, prevents probate when fully funded, decreases New York and federal estate taxes for couples, and can […]

Treating Children Fairly in Wills

Numerous people leave an inheritance to their children. They may be concerned about how to treat their children fairly in their wills in order to avoid difficult feelings or bitter battles between siblings. Some factors to consider to this topic include: Unequal Portions Fair is not constantly equal. There may be unique scenarios that apply […]

How Do You Own Your Property?

When it pertains to estate planning, it’s essential for both you and your attorney to know how your property is titled. Understanding how you own your property has a result on what estate planning approaches you utilize– and whether your estate plan is even efficient. Here are the standard categories of property ownership: Joint OwnershipJoint […]

Digital Assets in Estate Planning

Lots of people represent their property, securities and concrete property as part of their estate plan. Nevertheless, much of individuals’s lives are now online, possibly leaving a person’s digital properties unclaimed or even vulnerable to theft. A thorough estate plan ought to resolve the handling of digital assets. Types of Digital Assets There are a […]