Estate planning is the procedure of identifying how to deal with property upon an individual’s death. This process is typically complicated if a person has property in various states or nations.

Secondary Probate

Supplementary probate occurs when several probate proceedings happen throughout numerous jurisdictions. This becomes necessary when a person owns property in a different state or nation than where she or he died. When an individual dies, the realty and other property that is physically in a state is under the jurisdiction of that state.

Multiple Wills

In order to protect the property that is in another jurisdiction, a foreign attorney might advise an individual to make several wills for different jurisdictions. If this path is taken, it must be done so thoroughly since a will might trigger another one to be revoked. Instead of having this attempt foiled, a person may wish to hire 2 various legal representatives in the various jurisdictions to collaborate. Additionally, an additional will may cover the property that is only in a different jurisdiction. This may function as a codicil to the first will. Each will should refer to the other will without utilizing any language to withdraw the sustainability of either will. If neither will discusses the foreign property, this might be thought about part of the residuary estate and might be dealt with according to that specific arrangement. If there is not any conversation of the residue of the estate, the laws of intestacy will dictate how the property is disposed of. If there are 2 wills that are concurrent, the various countries might have different outcomes when it worries laws of intestacy.

United States Wills and Acknowledgment

Some nations recognize wills that are drafted in accordance with the laws of the United States. For an American will to be considered valid in another country, it must generally be legitimate under the laws of the foreign country. Not all nations are ready to accept the validity of American wills or will only do so under specific circumstances.

International Wills

Another method that people who might have multiple jurisdictions included in their probate proceedings approach the problem is by using a global will. International wills are usually required to only attend to someone, to be in composing, seen by 2 people, have the testator’s and the witnesses’ signatures at the end of the will, have numbered pages, have the testator’s signature on each page and any reason regarding the inability of the testator to sign to be kept in mind in the will. Often, a licensed person may require to sign a certificate that is connected to the will, attesting that the requirements for the drafting and execution of the internal will have been satisfied.

Simplifying Steps

There may be ways to simplify the procedure of managing assets in numerous jurisdictions. One method may be to put properties in a living trust, using a recipient deed or including an owner with joint survivorship rights to the asset.